Laugh To Keep From Crying

Sometimes you must laugh to keep from crying. Let me tell you…I finally made a decision that I was comfortable with, then BAM!!! I get news that takes me in a whole ‘nother direction…and I had to just laugh. I thought about it some more, then laughed even harder. I wanted to cry, because I […]

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Have You Ever Thought…

Have you ever thought to yourself…am I ever going to get ahead?   I know for certain, I have!  Time after time again, when things don’ t go right or fast enough, this is the question we often ask ourselves. We usually answer with statements like, “this will take forever” or “I just have to […]

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Get Your Emotions In Check

Emotions are a result of your beliefs about a certain experience, problem, information, etc…Painful emotions are attached to painful memories and experiences. If you are like I was, you get so angry at yourself for the emotions that you can’t help but feel, and it’s not just any emotion that causes this anger. It is […]

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