The question is, do you want to keep hurting or do you want it to stop? If you want it to stop…are you ready to do something about it?
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4 Steps To Healing Emotional Pain

How To Get Through Emotional Pain
Some days are harder than others to get through emotional pain of what was lost, the anguish of what you have to deal with, and the mental torment of knowing there’s nothing you can do to make it go away today…. but press through those days with prayer and silence, for a better tomorrow will be based on how you handle the harder days.

Emotional Pain Is Real
I remember times when I would cry my eyes out in the middle of the day and at night, because I was hurting from the decisions I made that caused me to be alone. The pain wasn’t just felt through emotions, but it began to physically hurt my body. Emotional pain is REAL and can cause you to feel like your body is can’t take it. I had to learn over time, that by being still and understanding what got me to that place, was the same thing I had to let go and forgive myself in the process. I learned that by moving on the solution of changing my belief about myself preoccupied me mentally and kept me from slipping into a lull of hate, depression, or a mean spirit. So, make sure you work harder on those days you feel the worst to have a conscious mind to mentally and emotionally move yourself towards how you want to feel.

Here Are Your 4-Steps to Help Heal Emotional Pain:

Evaluate what you want

  • The question is, do you want to keep hurting or do you want it to stop? If you want it to stop…are you ready to do something about it?

Restructure your thought process

  • Make the non-negotiable decision to change the way you think.
    • You can start by making a conscious decision to find something that helps you create the opposite thought that gives you positive emotions instead of negative emotions. 

Refocus on the solutions

  • Is it time to change your circle? Create some new habits?
    • That is important, people/society are our #1 influencers and we have to make a decision to remove some stuff, some people from our lives.

Restore balance to your days

  • Create yourself a routine that keeps your mind busy and productive.
    • Refrain from doing things that’s a reminder of negative emotions.

You have the power within you to disallow someone or something to stronghold your life and keep you from happiness the way you deserve. Stop pretending everything is okay, when you are hurting inside so deep that you can physically feel the pain. It’s time to make a decision to take back control and heal yourself from the inside out.

Until Next Time…Leap off the couch into your new future emotionally healed!


Ashley M Dais

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