I got this message in the shower
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I Got This Message In The Shower!

I was in the shower when I heard this message, Ya’ll!

Humble, Humbled, Prayer, God, Message from God

“Humble Yourself, Ashley.”

I had no idea that I wasn’t humble!!! I thought I was very modest when it came to accepting compliments or being acknowledged for good job performance or even being praised for the progress I have made in life and my career. I thought I was humble. I was and am very grateful for the life I have and how I got here, but one day I was praying to God, asking him to give me a break! I needed something to give, because I was tired of feeling like I was being overlooked and I was angry about my job status.

God, knows me…and he knows that I don’t listen to very many people, when it comes to decision making regarding a significant impact on my life. He also knows that I don’t do well with subliminal messages, and to give it to me straight with no chaser.

You know what God said to me, in my own voice?

YOU NEED TO HUMBLE YOURSELF. I was baffled by my inside voice, so the message continued… “You are not entitled, just because you think you are ready, humble yourself and wait your turn.”

Whew, if that didn’t hit me in the gut!

I thought I was humble, but I wasn’t internally humble. Internally, I just knew I was ready and I deserved this breakthrough to happen; and now was the right time. BUT, no, God explained to me that I am not entitled, I didn’t get where I am by myself, it was his Will that led to my career successes, not my own. Therefore, the transition I wanted to happen was not in his timing. “I wasn’t ready, because I wasn’t internally humble and grateful enough for where I was and respected the position I played in the life of others that still needed me, where I was currently placed.

Once I was able to understand this from His point of view…

I accepted that was not time, because there was still work to do, growth to acquire, and internal self-control to manage. I acknowledged God’s voice that spoke through my inner voice and humbled myself, restructured my belief system of entitlement (which I didn’t recognize I owned), and became still and quiet as I continued to use my position to help others and help my personal growth.

humble, prayer, prayer life
I was humbled.

I received that promotion! Funny thing is, I was more mentally and emotionally ready than I would have been if I received this opportunity in my timing. Wouldn’t you know, few months later…

Life isn’t always what you expect it to be, but it can be beyond what you desire, if you make the decision to be patient, be still, be purposeful, and trust God’s timing.


Until Next Time…Leap off the couch into your new future being humble!


Ashley  M Dais

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