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Keys To Gain Confidence & Reclaim Your Life

Some times it is hard gain confidence when you second guess yourself about what other people may think about you.

Some times it is hard to put on the clothes that you think make you feel a certain way about yourself, because you are worried about what others may think.

Some times it is hard to walk with your head up high because of things you have done in your past that you are not proud of.

Some times it is even hard to walk into a room and just be comfortable in your own skin.

I know how this feels all too well! And you are not alone!

There is no perfect way or magic tricks to gaining, finding, learning, or having self confidence. Some people were born into a family that provided them with self-esteemed characteristics, some poured into themselves and learned self-confidence by experiences, and some had to gain it through other aspects of life.

The bottom line is that you can gain the confidence your desire and reclaim your life.

You just have to put some work into it and it will make all the difference in the world, if you really want it! There are 8 Essential Steps you need to incorporate into your daily living to get back on track and unlock your breakthrough with confidence.

Keys To Gaining Confidence & Reclaim Your Life!

  1. Take inventory of yourself by making a list of the area confidence or self-esteem is lacked
  2. Review that list and order it of importance to you
  3. Focus on one area at a time and write affirmations about that area of confidence you wish to change or input
  4. Force yourself to enter into these difficult situations that causes you to lose your confidence (PRACTICE!)
  5. Reinforce yourself each time you hold your head high or inject your point across, etc…(do not provide reinforcement for failed attempts…meaning you did not follow through)
  6. Re-evaluate your actions to see what you could have done differently, so you will know what you need to work on more and apply next time. (p.s. don’t dwell on the negative, just fix it!)
  7. It is always important to learn from your mistakes, so you must not look at it as a negative issue, just a correction that need to be made. Remember not to beat up on yourself.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7.

Remember by no means is this an instant change; you have to consciously put forth the effort if you want to see positive changes in your Confidence!

Other things to consider not allowing into your space are:

  • Allowing people talk to you disrespectfully (man, woman, boss, child, etc…)
  • Allowing people to cross boundaries in your relationship (family, friends, children, etc…)
  • Allowing others to dictate what you can/cannot do, wear, say, etc…
  • Allowing others to take advantage of your kindness through manipulation
  • Allowing others to walk all over you in any situation


Until Next Time…Leap off the couch into your new future regaining your confidence!


Ashley M Dais

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