mental wellness

5 Keys To Get Your Mind Right

Many people don’t know or understand that they need to get their minds right!

Most don’t take the time to really comprehend what is going on in their mind and decipher what the meaning behind their thought process in coming from. Mental wellness is everything that derives from your mind that cause you to act, behave, and react in certain ways. It is the way you think, process, and retain information and experiences.

You have to make action plans to help you focus on what is important to you

…so you can become restored mentally, emotionally, and socially; and in upcoming post, I will break down the action steps to having wellness emotionally and socially. But, today you will learn about restructuring your mind and gaining mental wellness for the betterment of your life cycle.

How many times do you have to go through the same things before you make changes in your life?

And I am not talking about surface changes, I mean getting intimate with your mind, your thoughts, your experiences, and assessing the path/direction you are headed based on that. It’s not easy to do by any means, but necessary to make provisions for your life and in some cases your family/kids life. 


The time is now, to stop being selfish with yourself and make something different happen in your world! These action steps are not going to give you relief over night, but is designed for you to gather yourself for a new beginning.

5 Keys to get your mind right

5 Key To Getting Your Mind Right

1. Learn who you are (loving/mean/condescending)

2. Learn what makes you tick (who and what triggers your anger/sadness/frustration)

3. Understand why these triggers cause you to react and feel the way you do

4. Make a decision to address these issues and not sweep them under the rug

5. Put a plan in place for when the anger, sadness, frustration happens (you are the only one in control of you, no one can make you feel a certain way unless you allow it.)

It is ok that you have feelings and reactions to certain things…

but you should not allow it to take over your day or dictate your behavior and attitude towards others. You have to learn how to be in control of your own mind and stop giving the power to everyone else!


Ultimately you are in charge of your mental wellness being kept healthy and in control. It can very easily get out of control if you are not paying attention to details in your life. Learn and understand what you are willing to accept in your life and put mental boundaries in place for the rest.


Until Next Time…Leap off the couch into your new future focusing on getting your mind right!



Ashley M Dais


P.S. If you have been struggling with getting your breakthrough there may be things that’s block it that you don’t even know about. Get 3 ways you may be blocking your breakthrough here.


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