They don't mean you any harm
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They Don’t Mean You Any Harm

It Can Be Tough

It’s tough some times to break away from the people we consider our friends, abandoned habits and beliefs that we rely on to make us feel comfortable and in control, and it’s tough to be alone sometimes, especially when we are used to relationships and friendships.

You Have To Do What It Takes

Unfortunately, this is what it takes to create breakthroughs, positive change, opportunities, reach goals, or move forward. There are people that we’d like to take with us or like to think that they don’t affect our journey, but in reality some people just are not meant for your next level in life.

Stop letting them pull you back
Stop letting them pull you back

When you try to keep them in your life, you end stuck, stagnant, handcuffed, because their level of thinking and progression is holding you back. Who you associate yourself with is important when trying to reach professional and personal life goals, because in order to move upward, you have to learn upward…and people that don’t add value or aspire to increase their value is of no sustenance to your upward mobility.

They Don’t Mean You Any Harm

In my Video Series, I talk about how to recognize the type of people that are currently in your life that mean no good, they don’t mean you any harm…but they also don’t mean you any good. They may be aware of it, and they may not be, but the goal is for you to become aware of what is blocking your breakthrough within your network of friends, family, or associates. In light of how people can prevent you from moving ahead you have to then make a choice to let some people go.

You don’t have to be irrational and indecent to people, once you figure this out. You just have to adjust your thoughts and beliefs about what it will take to get to the next level and execute a change in behavior, reactions, and patterns and this will automatically distance you mentally, emotionally, and physically from certain people. This will take place, mostly because your priorities will shift or because that person or those people aren’t interested in what you are focusing on.

Good news is that, you won’t be sad or disappointed, you will just be in a different state of mind; and you will start to see your breakthroughs and opportunities rolling through.


Until Next Time…Leap off the couch into your new future…doing what it takes for your breakthrough!



Ashley M Dais

P.S. If you want to learn more about how friends and loved ones can block your breakthrough, download the FREE Unlock Your Breakthrough Video Series or you can download the E-Book.


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