Ever thought, am I ever going to get ahead?
mental wellness

Have You Ever Thought…

Have you ever thought to yourself…am I ever going to get ahead?


I know for certain, I have! 
Time after time again, when things don’ t go right or fast enough, this is the question we often ask ourselves. We usually answer with statements like, “this will take forever” or “I just have to deal with it.” These types of answers gives our minds permission to let the problem linger, to hold ourselves at a lesser standard, and to not do anything about the situation. I have learned that if you ask the wrong questions, you’ll get wrong type of answers. Answers that won’t motivate you, answers that make you depressed, and answers that make you stuck right where you are!

You Have To Change The Question You Ask Yourself!

The type of questions you ask, determines your reaction. So, you have to start asking action questions. Instead of asking “am I ever going to get ahead?” You need to ask yourself, “how am I going to get ahead?” This will give your mind something to to chew on (ponder on), because it will make you start creating solutions and seeing different perspectives of your situation. 

Don’t get it twisted though!

Action is key, but the question will get you started. It’s important to start changing your thoughts into a direction that will create action instead of a dead end. So, take a minute and evaluate how you have been viewing your situation and the types of questions you ask yourself. Are they action questions that motivate you to get out of your situation or dead end questions that keep you unmotivated and stuck in your situation?

You have the power to create your own breakthrough!

Until Next Time…leap off the couch into your new future with action minded questions!

Ashley M Dais


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