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4 Ways To Deal With Stress & Life Changes

Stress & Life Changes are REAL and can do damage to you in may ways.

Learn how to acknowledge your limit and set boundaries yourself, others, and your environments. It is important to protect yourself against negativity at all costs because you never know when the unexpected will happen in your life…be it in your home, work, school, social life, etc… There is always a possibility that something is not going to go your way.


StressedSo, what do you do?!

  1. You change the things that are in you control: The way you handle the stress and changes are in your control and how you start to attack the problem or the way you start over is in your control.
  1. Accept that everything cannot be changed on your time: Just because you want things to changes and go in the direction you believe is should go in, doesn’t mean it is time for it to happen. When things happen before YOU are ready mentally, emotionally, financially, etc.., then the benefits wouldn’t be as enjoyable because you are still doing the inner work to mature and develop a mind-set for it. Patience can be a pain, but I promise it will prevent the pain and stress later in life.
  1. Learn to let go of the things that are not in your control to be changed: Control can be a pretty overwhelming thing, but so can letting go of control. Unfortunately, things in life happen that are out of your control and unpredictable, so let it sink in, then let it go, and keep it moving. If you stop due to loss of control in a situation, then you miss out on life learning opportunities. The opportunity to learn how this happen and prevent it from happening again, the opportunity to strengthen yourself during this time, and the opportunity to learn more about yourself while going through the situation are all priceless life learning opportunities.
  1. Change your perception of control: When you learn that it is more important to control your reaction and positivity to a situation, the more you can control what happens next. This is a change in your perception of control.


Easier said than done, right?

Of course, it always is…but to get what you want out of life sometimes we have to learn to accept and adjust to changes in our life and work toward our life purpose or at lease your life goals.

Don’t be afraid to leave behind your past, meaning people, places, things, etc… because sometimes we have to shed skin to show our true vibrant colors!


Until Next Time…leap of the couch into your new future accepting change and controlling stress!



Ashley M Dais

P.S. Now scheduling 15 minute discovery sessions to help you learn how my coaching can teach you how cope with stress and life changes!


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