Laugh To Keep From Crying
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Laugh To Keep From Crying

Sometimes you must laugh to keep from crying.

Laugh To Keep From Crying

Let me tell you…I finally made a decision that I was comfortable with, then BAM!!! I get news that takes me in a whole ‘nother direction…and I had to just laugh. I thought about it some more, then laughed even harder. I wanted to cry, because I felt that I couldn’t catch my break with this situation, but instead I laughed. I laughed while asking God, what in the world is going on? The answer came to me instantly. The decision I had made was not going to make me happy, it would only make me comfortable, and that is not what I want, nor what God wants for me!


I have learned that you must be intentional in how you allow yourself to feel.

You must be intentional regardless of how you really feel. You must be intentionally grateful that things are revealed to you before decisions are made to where you can’t take them back. There are monkey wrenches thrown into the middle of your life, relationships, decision-making, and feelings to WAKE YOU UP! And sometimes that still don’t work and you do whatever it is you were going to do anyway and end up with hurt and disappointment.

Stop SignYield Sign

I know, because I have been the person that took chances despite the yield signs and stop signs!

It ain’t pretty when it all smacks you back in the face and leaves you wondering why it didn’t work. Then you are left picking up the pieces of a broken heart, broke down ego, or a broken spirit. You cannot make things work that were not in your life plan, but you can learn from what didn’t work and teach yourself how to be patient, notice the signs, and understand why things don’t go your way in that moment of life.

So, laugh to keep from crying NOW and take the time to understand the reason for closed doors.

It creates a better YOU for the future ahead, when you learn to face the wrong so that you can be right. Also, be grateful in the moment of what was revealed to you now, so you would mentally and emotionally invest, only cry later.


Until Next Time…leap off the couch into your new future laughing and not crying!


Ashley M Dais

P.S. If you are struggling with being able to deal with disappointment and are discouraged constantly. Set up a discovery session to learn how we can process through the real problem and help you start making permanent positive changes to your life.


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