Life Interrupted By A Break Up
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Life…Interrupted By A Break-up?

So, there has been an interruption in your life?

Lord knows, mine has been interrupted quite a few times!

Has it left you bit confused about where to go next and how to respond?

Yup, it left me confused, stuck, and lonely. Some days I was physically hurting because I had allowed my spirit to be buried under my relationship and that was no way to live!

Welp! Now, your man has moved on and left you where you stand…Life...Interrupted By A Break-up

…and now you are feeling confused, stuck, and alone. BUT truth be told, you are not alone and now you can get clearer than ever to get unstuck!

You have your spirit inside you, that in some way has gotten lost or not necessarily lost, just ignored over time trying to make a relationship that is not fit for you, work for you.

It’s time to allow your spirit to resurface and learn how to be intimate with yourself. You will then learn how to connect to others on your terms, with sufficient compromise with the one you care about and who cares for you.

There is so much more to life…

There is so much more to life than losing someone you love to a break-up. The interruption was to get your attention. It was the only way to get you to realize you were fighting a losing battle with your heart and mind. Shaking your world upside down was a wake-up call that there is more out there for you, and you need to quit wasting your time with mediocre relationships.

Do Not…

Do Not think about what you have lost, because if it was worth it and designed for you, love would not have hurt during the relationship. Love doesn’t hurt, not knowing your worth and understating your values hurts. You cannot get someone to show you your worth and live up to your values if you do not show them how and demand it.

Think about what you have gained within yourself by letting go of this temporary love. You have a chance to learn and exercise your value. Open-up to yourself and let go of what gives you no value in life.


Until Next Time…leap off the couch into your new future finding your spirit!


Ashley M Dais


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