Struggling with motivation

It’s Not Because You Are Lazy

I know how it feels not to be motivated and not to be able to “just push through.” It is a really sucky feeling and a really sucky place to be, mentally and emotionally.

I have been there waaayyy too often!

More so than people would think. I have been doing my own thing now, for the last 8.5 years (I can’t believe it has been that long). And yes, during this time, I have struggled with lack of motivation. I don’t always feel like pushing through. I get tired as hell. If I don’t get my rest, I have learned that I shut down and shut people out, which I can tell ya is not good for business.

Some people would call that lazy…and this down below too!


It’s true, that I hate doing household chores; and I will only do what is necessary to not live in filth, until I get ready to do more. However, I am entitled to clean when I feel like it, because I work my butt off all week, wearing multiple hats. As long as my child doesn’t live in filth, I can clean the way I want to, nap when I want to, and watch t.v. when I want to. 

People will try to make you feel like you don’t do enough around the house. People will tell you, that you have to push through being tired, stressed, sad, kids, significant other, etc… 

Truth is, NO you don’t!

You have to get rest, you have to take care of yourself, you have to give your self time time feel whatever it is you feel, and you have to take care of your family! At the end of the day, who are you doing what you’re doing for? If it’s for yourself, your future, then you have to be able to make it the future, healthy and happy. If you are doing it for your family, you have to be stable enough to make it happen. When you neglect your health and your family, then there’s really no one you are doing it for, other than perception.

The moral to the story…

Is don’t let people label you, because they don’t know what you have to go through on a daily basis just to stay sane and complete today’s tasks at work and at home. If you feel like it’s nothing but laziness, and you just can’t get it together, nine times out of ten you have something much deeper preventing you from handling your business. 

Find Out What’s Really Going On.

I had to figure out what was keeping me down and out. Once I did, BINGO! It all made sense. So, I had to deal with my problem, which was grief, in a constructive way in order to become motivated again. 

Don’t get me wrong…

Chile, I still don’t like to clean and I still am unmotivated at times. The difference is, I recognize the reasons much faster and address them appropriately. I had to figure out what worked for me in order to replenish my mind, body, and spirit to continue moving forward with what is my purpose and passion. It’s not always easy, but once you understand what is really important to you and why it’s important to you, then you make the effort that is necessary. By effort, I mean, you make the effort necessary to ensure you are in good mental and spiritual shape. Only you know what that means to you. 

Psst…cleaning to perfection is not my priority…learn what your priority is and go for it, as long as it’s not neglecting the necessities of home life and work life.


Until Next Time…Leap off the couch into your new future being motivated to take care of yourself, so that you can be motivated in other areas of your life!



Ashley M Dais


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