Feel The Pain and Trust The Process
emotional wellness

Feel The Pain

Grief is not just about death

You have to feel the pain of the loss. It could be death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, or facing an empty nest. Trust the process to get to the other side of your situation.


Grief Takes The Shape of Many Forms of Pain

Grief is pain, heartache, distress, anger, depression, and lost of something or someone from your life….but you have to be willing to trust the process and feel the pain. You see the things we go through that causes us to have some type of hurt and discomfort mentally and emotionally (in some cases physically), is a cause to grieve. If you do not allow yourself to go through the emotional and mental pain of a situation, then you stifle your healing process. You cannot heal if you don’t allow yourself to feel the hurt/pain from a very distressful situation in your life.


Feel The Pain and Trust The Process

You Have To Face It

You can be placed out of your home, lose a job, go through a really bad breakup, can’t pay bills, etc….and not understand how or why these things happen, but the pain, anguish, confusion of it all causes some intense unexplained heartache. But you have to face it to move past it. I am telling you that bottling up, drinking it away, drugging it away, or sexing it away will only delay the pain. Going through the grief is the only thing that will help you heal from the inside out.


We have all done some regrettable things, devilish things, or made plain old bad choices/mistakes, but you have to make the choice to let the consequences take place right then or delay it with hiding behind your truth. It is true that some people have turned their back on, cut their eye, or lost trust in you, but as long as you gain the respect back for yourself through allowing yourself to heal.


Review the Stages of Grief and understand how you are supposed to move through the process. Understanding your process with help you gain insight into your feelings and emotions. It will empower you to gain control. No transition happens overnight, but you have to just be willing to trust the process.


Until Next Time…Leap off the couch into your new future trusting the healing process through feeling the pain.


Ashley M Dais


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