Vision Statement

To be the catalyst of inspiration, challenging, and preparing women to find their personal power, eliminate limiting beliefs, and increase their emotional intelligence, to guide them toward fulfilling their needs and desires and lead to a life of healing, confidence, and balance. 

We will influence positive social change one client at a time by problem-solving and teaching effective coping methods that will help eliminate limiting beliefs continuously. 

Our Values

Couch Talk Network operates with attention to integrity, effectiveness, kindness, and individuality within practice, and relationships developed through service and collaboration. 

The value of integrity is the foundation of Couch Talk Network. Your privacy is respected and your trust is valued and that is why our products and services created with truth and transparency. We believe that it is important to be yourself in all that you do, because we have a responsibility to the world to share what we have learned about handling life.

Our Mission

To provide working women and with the mental and emotional wellness solutions through comprehensive services, products, and knowledge that fulfill their desires and needs at levels that beneficial to all clients.

To teach women how to renovate their life by restructuring the way they think, refocusing on their values and goals, and restoring healing, confidence, and balance.

To equip women with life tools to help them navigate the path of brokenness to breakthrough with knowledge of self, self-love, and self-confidence.

Our Objectives

It’s through personal experiences, professional experiences, and educational experiences that we can give you the most powerful tools to turn limiting beliefs and emotional pain into unlimited self-love, healing, confidence, and success. 

  1. To add value through transparency, research, and skill.
  2. To Increase Emotional Intelligence
  3. To Increase Knowledge and control of mind-set



Who Are We

Couch Talk Network is a private system of communities, services, and products designed to help you restructure your thoughts, refocus on your vision and goals, and restore balance, healing, and control to your life. 

Our History

Couch Talk began in 2008, founded by Ashley M Dais. Ashley was tired of seeing people allow their dreams to die, seeing people let negative family and life cycles ruin their lives, and seeing people who want help getting unstuck have no place to turn. Because of this, Couch Talk was born, but that wasn’t good enough.

Couch Talk is now a network of possibilities that can help shape and shift your life at your own pace and at your current level of readiness.

How Does It Work

There are many unique strategies I use to help you restructure your life systems that will help you to refocus on your goals and life vision to give you balance and healing in your heart and in your life. One specific strategy is REBT, a technique that helps you identify limiting beliefs, destructive thoughts and behaviors, and uncontrolled emotions that handcuffs you to a hurtful, disappointing, unhealthy life cycle.

What Will You Gain

Fill your tool bag with knowledge, understanding, peace, healing, and balance so that when you get stuck or knocked down again…you know exactly what to do to keep going and pull yourself back out!