Struggling with motivation

It’s Not Because You Are Lazy

I know how it feels not to be motivated and not to be able to "just push through." It is a really sucky feeling and a really sucky place to be, mentally and emotionally. I have been there waaayyy too often! More so than people would think. I have been doing my own thing now,… Continue reading It’s Not Because You Are Lazy

Abide by your own rules

Abide By Your Own Rules

Why would you want to abide by the rules of the world? Who have those rules actually helped? Society says you must do this, must have that, must look this way, must accept values you don't believe in. In actuality, you are better off doing what is best for your own life, looking the way… Continue reading Abide By Your Own Rules

The Independent Woman and her lifestyle

The Independent Woman: How It Impacts Your Lifestyle

Being a strong independent woman is powerful to ourselves and others...but as an independent woman, you know being independent is no day at the park! You have to juggle multiple hats, hide almost all your emotions, and still keep up appearances that life is all good. You do this all while smiling, keeping your head up, and wearing cute heels!