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5 Self-Help Tips To Take Back Your Power

There are times in our life where we feel out of control.

mental wellness

Take A Moment To Think

Take a moment to think about what you want and then think about the fear that is stopping you from getting it.  It's On The Other Side! What you want is on the other side of that fear. You have to believe in what it is that you want, because it's that belief that will… Continue reading Take A Moment To Think

Black women and depression
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Black Women & Depression

Most people in general don’t know or understand what depression is, how it manifests itself in our lives, or that we need help to conquer it. Depression is a REAL thing…and it affects black people, as well as other races.

When You Really Want Something
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When Your Really Want Something, But Cannot Have It…

I am so used to things going my way. I get very disappointed when things are uncertain. Which is very crazy, because my behavior is the most uncertain. It is based upon my mood at the time. I don't plan in advance, nor do I commit to much, which is a problem in itself.  ...BUT… Continue reading When Your Really Want Something, But Cannot Have It…

How to deal with stress
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4 Ways To Deal With Stress & Life Changes

Stress & Life Changes are REAL and can do damage to you in may ways. Learn how to acknowledge your limit and set boundaries yourself, others, and your environments. It is important to protect yourself against negativity at all costs because you never know when the unexpected will happen in your it in your… Continue reading 4 Ways To Deal With Stress & Life Changes